Casino Bound? How to Stay Above Financial Water

The lights, the sounds, the energy, the glitter, the jazz, the beautiful women, the well dressed men, the whole atmosphere of a casino are nothing short of electric.

However, this crazy environment can turn from memorizing to horrifying if you don’t play your financial cards right. Here’s how to avoid going over your head and ending up in the red.

Set a budget and stick to it. Simple at that. Do not pass go, do not visit the ATM machine- just don’t do it.

Furthermore, choose your games wisely. Do not just head to the first table you see and start emptying your wallet. Breathe. Take a few laps. Check out the layout, the different games and then decide what looks lucky to you.

Finally, it’s okay to sit on the sidelines. Once the money is gone, or if you are not up to spending it, then don’t. Watch a game or two; cheer a friend on. Sometimes it’s more fun to sit on the sidelines watching the action, especially when you know you are not losing any money.

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